Alumni Awards and Scholarships

NEDAA Professional Development Grant


The NEDAA Officers are excited to continue to offer a Professional Development Grant for 2024. We are seeking to support a member (or multiple members) in an aspect of their professional life. We have $500 to spend this year, which can be given as one award or split between multiple awards.

You must be a NEDAA Member in the 2023-2024 membership year to be eligible.

Eligible forms of expenses you may seek the Grant for:
Training Programs, Conference Attendance, Equipment (new computer, new desk), Tuition Assistance, Career Certifications

The NEDAA Officers are not eligible to apply and will be the people who score and award the Grant(s). The Officers must be able to vet the expense before money is awarded. We can pay you directly as a reimbursement, or we can make a payment on your behalf. Age and membership years in NEDAA will not be a factor of consideration, the applicant(s) that best respond to the prompts will be chosen. NEDAA Officers will keep the applications and scoring confidential.

Note: There are no length requirements, however responses with only a few sentences will likely be quickly passed over. 

By submitting an application, you understand that a NEDAA Officer may contact you for clarifying information, and that failing to respond to outreach from a NEDAA Officer may impact the scoring of your application.

The Sarah Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship for Continuing Education


This scholarship has been established to honor Sarah Fitzgerald’s memory by promoting the continuation of education. One of Sarah’s proudest personal achievements was going back to school (as an adult learner) to receive her degree, which she completed in May of 2020. It is in this spirit of perseverance and ambition that this scholarship has been created. Each year, one member of the Northeast District Alumni Association who has made it a personal goal to go back to classes to continue their education, be it in pursuit of a degree or in pursuit of more knowledge, will be eligible to receive this grant in Sarah’s memory. The scholarship award will be the dollar amount spent on textbooks for their semester, not to exceed $500.

Eligibility requirements:
1. Applicant must be a member of NEDAA.
2. Applicant must be currently enrolled or show proof of enrollment in a course at a college or trade school by the start of the next academic year.

Application Requirements:
1. Completed application form by February 25th, 2025.
2. Brief essay (no more than 750 words) describing why the applicant is continuing their education.
    This can include:
      a. Professional or personal goals
      b. Reason for starting a new academic or trade field
      c. Life experiences or events which prompted the decision
3. Current photo appropriate for award announcement.
4. Proof of enrollment in course.
    a. Enrollment confirmation email, copy of acceptance letter, etc.

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