Max Mitchell Grant Program

KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program for NIB Musicians Background Information and Program Summary

One of the goals of the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association (“KKΨAA”) of the 2017-2019 biennium was to develop a significant program of service and musicianship in which any local alumni association (“LAA”) of the fraternity may participate. One idea for such a program, offered by KKΨAA member Mike Lindsay and discussed among other alumni at the 2017 Northeast District Convention and the 2018 District Conventions, the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association Board of Directors (“AABOD”) created a proposal for consideration by the Kappa Kappa Psi Board of Trustees and the Tau Beta Sigma Board of Trustees for such a program that reflected: 

(1) a desire to support the NIB program by helping to attract outstanding band members, regardless of their financial situations;

(2) an additional desire to help NIB participants with out-of-pocket expenses;

(3) a goal of providing all LAAs (and groups considering the formation of an LAA) with a program that is already defined and can serve as an initial goal for that group; and 

(4) an additional goal of making this program achievable by a wide range of LAAs. 

The two Board of Trustees approved this new program and called it the “KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program for NIB Musicians.”

Summary of KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program

Any LAA of Kappa Kappa Psi (including LAAs established as joint local alumni associations by approval of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association) is invited to participate in the KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program for NIB musicians. Each participating LAA may contribute at one of the three levels for the relevant biennium: 

  • Fanfare Level ($250 contribution)
  • Concerto Level ($500 contribution)
  • Symphony Level ($1,000 contribution)

Individual brothers wishing to participate in the KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program are strongly encouraged to donate money toward an LAA’s participation in this program. In the alternative, such brothers may donate money to KKΨAA, which will serve as a “recipient of the last resort” for such contributions (in order to allow LAAs to serve as the primary contributors to this program). 

Participation & Process

LAAs are encouraged to participate in the KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program, as it provides a worthwhile service opportunity, an initiative that may prompt additional brothers to join the LAAs, and a focus for fundraising activities. Because the KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program aims to support the participation of outstanding musicians from across the country in the NIB musicians from specific colleges or universities, regions, or districts. 

To determine the NIB musicians who will receive grants through the KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program, the AABOD is developing a new Musicianship Committee, headed by its Musicianship Director. This committee will develop one or more essay prompts for inclusion with NIB musician application materials. NIB applicants wishing to apply for grants through the KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program will provide responses to these essay prompts. One of these essay prompts will be optional and will allow an applicant’s membership in either Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma, as the program aims to provide grants to worthy applicants, regardless of such membership status or the applicant’s involvement in a particular chapter or district.

Once the NIB members are selected, the Musicianship Committee will review the essay responses provided by any of the selected musicians. Within two weeks of the NIB members’ notification of their acceptance in the ensemble, the Musicianship Committee will provide recommendations to the AABOD regarding NIB members to receive grants through the program. The AABOD will then promptly consider and vote upon the award of these NIB member grants, and the AABOD will notify the NIB members who have been awarded grants. 

All NIB member grants under this program will be $250 (although this amount may be subject to change at the discretion of the AABOD, depending on future program participation by LAAs). The number of NIB member grants awarded per biennium will be dependent on the total amount of contributions made by LAAs. 

The eventual goal is to provide financial support for each and every member of the NIB. The goal is to give out as many grants are possible each biennium. In the event that there is left over money in the Max Mitchell Grant Fund, that money will carry over to the next biennium to support future NIB participants.

KKΨAA Max Mitchell Grant Program Origin

Max Mitchell was the eleventh National President of Kappa Kappa Psi, and his service to our fraternity was integral in the creation and continuation of the National Intercollegiate Band. The first NIB concert on March 7, 1947 featured ten conductors, including noteworthy brothers like William A. Scroggs (the fraternity’s founder), Bohumil Makovsky (the fraternity’s “Guiding Spirit”), F. Lee Bowling (the then-current National President of the fraternity). Max Mitchell was also one of the first NIB conductors, and he became the fraternity’s National President that year. 

A former Director of Bands at Oklahoma State University, Max Mitchell worked to expand the fraternity to more college campuses and to help Tau Beta Sigma become a national sorority and “sister” organization to Kappa Kappa Psi. He also worked to advance the idea that the Fraternity was not only an “honorary” organization, but should serve as a “service” unit as well. Years after his term as the fraternity’s National President, he served as Interim National Executive Director of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma for a short time in 1975. Max Mitchell was among the first recipients of the Bohumil Makovsky Memorial Award in 1980, and he and his wife Susan received the Distinguished Service to Music Medal for fraternity service during the 1989-1991 biennium. 

What Can You Do?

The Northeast District Alumni Association (NEDAA) is matching donations to this program up to $250. Every little bit helps and aids in the ease and resources available for our fraternity and sorority’s National Intercollegiate Band. 

We are currently accepting donations from our members for the Max Mitchell Grant Program. At the bottom of the page, you can donate via PayPal or you can donate through Venmo: @TheNEDAA. If you donate through VEnmo, please put “Max Mitchell” in the comments. As a reminder, PayPal does deduct processing fees, and Venmo does not. 

Please consider donating today!