Each year, we have a revolving interest form for Committees that we commission throughout the year. The previous year's committee list can be found below.

The 2022-2023 committees will be announced shortly! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates!

During the 2021-2022 year, our Committees included:

History Committee
Chaired by Olivia DeFilippo
This committee will be tasked with developing a comprehensive history and timeline of NEDAA’s development. The committee will create sustainable methods of posting information on the NEDAA Website, and create a NEDAA History Project to present at the 35th Northeast District Convention in 2022.

Finance Committee
Chaired by Rebekah Franolich
This committee will be tasked with evaluating existing fundraising opportunities against organizational values in order to make recommendations to the NEDAA Officer board. The committee will also evaluate organizational needs against values and design fundraising opportunities in line with NEDAA values to meet those needs. Lastly, the committee will establish a set of values based criterion or best practices for raising, allocating, and spending NEDAA funds.

35th Anniversary Planning Committee
Co-Chaired by Laura Borzellieri & TBD
This committee will be tasked with developing a celebration to be held at NEDCon 2022 to celebrate 35 years of NEDAA. This committee will be made up of many generations of Alumni, and they would work with the History Committee to put together a social media campaign/history presentation for NEDCon and the website.

35th Anniversary Pins Committee
Co-Chaired by Laura Borzellieri & Indya Harrison
This committee will be tasked with finalizing the design for a commemorative pin to celebrate NEDAA’s 35th Anniversary in 2022. Duties include working with the official Fraternity/Sorority Jeweler, and developing a timeline for sales and distribution of the final product.

Membership Committee
Chaired by Jasmine Causey
This committee will be tasked with developing a membership retention and recruitment plan based on the survey of NEDAA membership and association best practices. This committee will also create and execute new ways for NEDAA members to connect, and evaluate current membership programming for effectiveness, inclusiveness, and ease of participation.