NEDAA Lifestyle!

NEDAA Lifestyle was created to feature our member’s professional and hobby lives! While our common interest is the Fraternity and Sorority, we all do something different when we leave Convention!
As part of our Professional Development plan, NEDAA Lifestyle exists to help actives and alumni members know who our members are and connect with them if there are shared paths!
We have featured a few people over the past year including:

Monika Monk, TBSigma – Epsilon Sigma

Ed Savoy, KKPsi – Eta Alpha & Eta Omicron

Maggie McGarry, TBSigma – Eta Gamma

Gwynn Neves, TBSigma – Delta Delta

Kris Michaud, TBSigma – Delta Nu

If you would like to be featured, please email Laura Pike at